Radius boosting its procurement with help of digital solutions

Cloudia wins deal with Radius to drive digital procurement transformation in Danish energy market.

Cloudia has signed a new customer agreement with Danish power distribution company, Radius, to deliver high-quality digital sourcing and contract management solutions.

Radius is Denmark’s largest electricity grid company, supplying around one million power customers in the Copenhagen area, North Zealand, and parts of central Zealand, with a grid spanning as much as 19,000 kilometres. The company is currently a subsidiary of Danish green energy giant, Ørsted.

Cloudia’s strong public sector background seen as a benefit

Cloudia’s customer base includes private and public sector customers. Key success factors cited in winning the bid include Cloudia’s already strong track record as leader of the Finnish public sector procurement market and big-name customers in the energy sector like Caruna, Fingrid, Helen, Vantaan Energia and Veni Energia.

Radius boosting its procurement with help of digital solutions

Jaana Niukkala

Another strong selling point was Cloudia’s experience in setting up European single procurement document (ESPD) electronic sourcing system that fully meets the requirements imposed by the EU directive for electronic sourcing. Electronic ESPD functionality not only speeds up the tenure process but also drives down costs, as well as widens the procurement net for quality suppliers.

“The Radius contract is an important win for us,” says Jaana Niukkala, Cloudia Sales Director, responsible for European sales. “Backed by this new deal and our strong existing references in the energy sector, we feel well-positioned to become a serious future contender in the Danish e-procurement market.

“Under the new partnership, Cloudia will provide high-quality sourcing and contract management solutions to assist Radius in boosting its procurement with the help of digital solutions.”


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Radius boosting its procurement with help of digital solutions

Cloudia wins deal with Radius to drive digital procurement transformation in Danish energy market. Cloudia has signed a new...

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