Basware is the world leading provider of networked, competitive payment and e-invoicing solutions and innovative financial services. We help organizations of all sizes improve their financial management. Basware’s trading and financing network connects companies in more than 100 countries around the world. Basware is the world’s largest open enterprise network, providing scalability for business growth, and solutions for simplifying and streamlining financial processes. Small and large companies around the world achieve significant cost savings, more flexible payment terms, efficiency and closer business relationships with their suppliers.

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Established in 2010 as a specialist procurement consultancy, Bespoke has grown into a leading African provider of procurement and supply chain management advice, knowledge development and training. Through our collaborative and amenable style, Bespoke aims to respond proactively to the needs of our clients, and to provide advisory and training solutions that encourage lasting relationships.

We support our clients in their path towards the “ultimate win”, achieving their strategic business goals through intelligent, sustainable supply chain and procurement processes. We count among our clients both public sector organisations and blue chip corporate clients, across southern and east Africa.

Bespoke has built a recognisable brand and established our credibility in the regional market, through deep subject matter expertise and experience, customer focus, flexibility and effective knowledge transfer. The true measure of our success lies in our ability to transfer skills and knowledge, enabling our clients to own, sustain and build upon the results delivered during an engagement or project.

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Founded in 2015, Cinia, a Finnish company, offers secure high-availability network and software solutions. Our operations are based on our solid expertise in modern application development, cyber technologies and critical operating environments. By combining our own services and those of our partners, we deliver complete, reliable solutions that enable our customers to have digital success stories.

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Delingua is a Finnish full service language agency. We provide all language services under one roof, quickly and without fuss. We have grouped our services into translation, interpreting services and language training. Our mission is to be the number one language services partner for all of our customers. We aim to serve our customers through the “one stop shop” principle, making all necessary language services available to customers through a single contact with us.

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Digiteam was founded by four like-minded digital marketing experts whose expertise and experience complement each other. Now there are six of us and more colleagues are looking for! We’re all working remotely, so you can work wherever you are. We are currently helping approximately 70 Finnish SMEs in the SME sector to grow their business through digital marketing and data. We do cutting-edge digital marketing and websites. Hard technology know-how combined with digital marketing management is an unbeatable combination, providing a one-stop shop for us to develop our online business.

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Equinix, Inc. is a multinational company headquartered in Redwood City, California, that specializes in internet connection and data centers. The company leads in global colocation data center market share, with 200 data centers in 24 countries on five continents. Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers in Helsinki, Finland, enable customers to leverage one of Europe’s most dynamic and innovative technology hubs.

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Sievo is a global market leader with sourcing in the field of procurement analytics. Sievo offers a system solution creating transparency in procurement, measuring savings and forecasting procurement. Being able to compare your procurement organization’s performance with other organizations based on data is the latest breakthrough in procurement management, and in this respect, Sievo’s solution is pioneering. By combining its strong procurement and analytics expertise with the opportunities provided by artificial intelligence, Sievo has developed a widely recognized entity that has taken many global organizations such as Deutsche Telekom, Kellogg’s and Carlsberg to the next level of procurement management.
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