Our clients

Our clients

We are proud to have as our clients some of the best-of-breed companies across different business areas all around Europe, from both the public and private sectors. Our services have more than 210 000 users, and over 40 000 tenderings have been made through them. More than 20 billion euros worth of purchases are made through our Marketplace every year.

In our work with several organizations using digital solutions we have seen how companies thrive when they focus their investments on automizing manual procurement processes and contract management. With our services the customers have saved up to millions of euros!

Read our customers’ success stories here and below our customer references.



Business Finland Testimonial – Simplified procurement processes with Cloudia solutions

Finland’s Foreign Ministry Testimonial – Cloudia Sourcing saves time and money

City of Lohja Testimonial – Digital procurement brings transparency to procurement processes

The service has made it easier to use contracts correctly

We use Cloudia services in almost all our procurement. Tendering, contract period management, and real-time follow-up have become significantly easier, thanks to the directions and automation of the service. It has given us more time to spend on planning and developing procurement. This has had a clear positive impact on savings and risk management.

Helsinki is the capital and the largest city of Finland.


Kari Gröndahl

City of Helsinki

A clear decrease in workload

Fimea started using Cloudia Contract in the fall 2017 and Cloudia Sourcing in the spring 2018. Fimea’s Finance Director Esko Kiiski says that when acquiring a contract management system, the goal was to facilitate contract monitoring and reporting.

“Searching for contracts no longer takes a lot of time; instead, the user can easily find the contracts they want.”

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Add professionalism to procurement with Cloudia Sourcing

The National Institute for Health and Welfare has used Cloudia Sourcing for tendering its procurements since January 2018.

Miika Kivinen, a procurement expert at THL, says that the organization was looking for a system to make its procurement process electronic so that the digitalization of the procurement process would always work in an efficient and professional manner, from planning to signing a contract.

Read more: THL promotes the sustainability of the welfare society in Finland

The National Institute for Health and Welfare

Services that are easy to recommend

The partnership started because Business Finland had to digitalize their procurement processes. They didn’t have that kind of know-how within the company, so Cloudia was chosen to assist them.

– We needed new systems and support in their use. We couldn’t have developed this kind of software by ourselves, says Eriika Autio, who is a Senior Director at Procurement Unit in Business Finland.

Eriika Autio
Senior Director at Procurement Unit, Business Finland

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Business Finland


North Karelia has saved hundreds of thousands of euros with the online auction

The North Karelia Procurement Office is also a pioneer in utilising online auctions and has used the Cloudia auction since 2013 (the name of the unit at that time was Joensuu District Procurement Office).

“We believe that the online auction had a significant impact on prices, so we decided to try it out immediately, once it was possible both legally and technically,” tells Procurement Manager Mika Purmonen.

The North Karelia Procurement Office is one of the most active users of the online auction and has achieved significant savings in doing so.

Mika Purmonen
Procurement manager, City of Joensuu

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City of Joensuu

Cloudia was selected to provide a new digital Source-to-Contract system for Tieto

Tieto and Cloudia have entered into a multi-year cooperation agreement, in which Tieto will get access to Cloudia’s Source-to-Contract solutions, including Cloudia Supplier Management, Cloudia Sourcing, Cloudia Planning and Cloudia Contract. The solution covers the entire global corporate procurement.

Tieto carried out an exceptionally thorough, multi-phase selection process – including customer reference visits – in order to find the right procurement partner. Finally, Cloudia was selected as the winner.


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Automation enabled by Cloudia Sourcing has decreased manual labor

– We chose Cloudia Sourcing because it best responded to our extensive procurement needs. For us, it’s important that the requirements of the Act on Public Procurement and Concession Contracts are not only met correctly but also as efficiently and practically as possible. Cloudia’s long track record of success with public organizations also affected our selection,” says Jarkko Lappalainen, Project Manager at the Port of Helsinki.


Jarkko Lappalainen

Project Manager, Port of Helsinki


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Port of Helsinki

Cloudia has progressed the digitalization of the Port of Pori through automating and clarifying procurement queries

–  Cloudia’s services, Cloudia Sourcing and Cloudia Contract, have helped us succeed in efficiently implemented procurements. Of these, the role of the latter service is emphasized as the Port of Pori is developing its business operations to be even more customer-oriented,” says Sari De Meulder, Managing Director at the Port of Pori.


Sari De Meulder

Managing Director, Port of Pori


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Port of Pori


Port of Rauma uses Cloudia’s solutions for all procurements

–  We were convinced by Cloudia’s active attitude and expertise. We were proved right because we got a functional solution for all procurement needs. Managing competitive procurement with Cloudia Sourcing is very simple. With Cloudia’s solutions, we have made procurements from services of thousands of euros to constructions projects worth millions of euros,” says Timo Metsäkallas, Port Engineer.


Timo Metsäkallas

Port Engineer, Port of Rauma


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Port of Rauma

At the Port of Kalajoki, Cloudia Contract makes it easy to track contract lifecycles

–  We selected Cloudia’s systems for procurement and contract management not only because with the services we can meet the requirements of the legislation on special procurement but also to make tracking contract lifecycles as easy as possible,” says Petri Nikupeteri, the port’s Commercial Director.


Petri Nikupeteri

Commercial Director, Port of Kalajoki


Read more: Smooth sailing in Finnish ports with digital procurement

Port of Kalajoki

The sought-after savings have been achieved

Based on my earlier good experiences, I knew I could renew Caruna’s tendering model and make it electronic using Cloudia’s service. Cloudia services deliver us the process efficiency, openness of operations, and total savings we seek after, by providing comprehensive process control from tendering to contract lifespan management.

Caruna is Finland’s largest electricity distribution company.


Mervi Haukilahti

Caruna Ltd

Port of Kokkola saves time with Cloudia Sourcing

–  The change in the legislation affecting procurement that became valid in autumn 2018 required eSourcing, which is when we started to explore the options available. Of those, Cloudia Sourcing was proved to be the best choice for us. We have most benefited from the standardized form templates that also save us time. The templates take into account all sections required in each tender notice, and the integration to the public procurement portal HILMA that works really well. So far, we have used the Cloudia Sourcing service to tender approximately 10 projects, two of which exceeded the EU thresholds and were thus published on Hilma. We are extremely happy with Cloudia,” says Vuokko Kalliokoski, Financial Manager at the Port of Kokkola.


Vuokko Kalliokoski

Financial Manager, Port of Kokkola


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Port of Kokkola


Lekolar-Printel Oy has used Cloudia Marketplace since 2012. Over the years, Lekolar has prepared hundreds of tenders in the Marketplace, significantly improving its participation in competitive tendering.

“The calls for tenders are now clearer than before, showing at a glance the sections that must be filled out and the questions that must be answered. Cloudia’s Supplier Portal has clearly improved the process, resulting in better and clearer calls for tenders.”

Taneli Kivistö

Read more: Improved quality in the calls for tenders

Lekolar-Printel Ltd

Improved control over tendering documents

The digitalisation with Cloudia Sourcing has simplified the opening of a competitive tendering, among other things. We save time and costs now that the amount of manual work has been reduced,

Riitta Juutilainen

Read more: Helen improved its control over its tendering documents

Helen Ltd

Digitalisation makes processes more effective

Tenders received in digital format are easy to manage, and nobody needed to scan and copy the tender documents. The process was made as much as 15% more effective than before.

Katja Vidgren
Secretary at the Espoo Public Works Department

Read more

City of Espoo

Cloudia Sourcing makes global tendering effective

We have a lot of suppliers from abroad, from whom we purchase for example supercomputers and other hardware. We are also involved in developing the weather service for emerging countries by consulting and helping them the best we can. The difference between the Nordic countries and emerging countries, however, may be very high in the use of electronic systems. The Cloudia customer support has helped us  with any culture differencies, which has been very effective.

Pirkko Niemi

Head of Procurement, Finnish Meteorological Institute

Read more: The Finnish Meteorological Institute puts its procurements out to open tender globally with the help of Cloudia Sourcing

Finnish Meteorological Institute


Digitalized procurement saves time

Cloudia Sourcing has intensified and facilitated, above all, the handling of procurement documents, including the verification of ESPD forms. The biggest benefit of the system has been the time savings, which we estimated to be around 25%.

Salme Kokko

Service Specialist, VENI Energy Group

Read more: VENI Energy Group saves time with Cloudia Sourcing

VENI Energy Group

Our experience in procurement and comprehensive product portfolio convinced Fingrid

Fingrid Oyj chose Cloudia Sourcing as a tool for digitalizing their procurement function because of our high level of security, our experience in procurement, our knowledge of the energy sector customers and our comprehensive product portfolio.

Fingrid’s nationwide grid is an integral part of the power system in Finland. The transmission grid is the high-voltage trunk network which covers the entire Finland.


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