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When talking about system projects, rarely can you say that everything has gone according to plan, but in the case of Cloudia's solutions, this is true. Competitive bidding is easy, there are fewer human errors and information stays up to date and in order. As for contracts, it is important that the technical details of contracts are in order, templates are accessible, and information is available when needed. Cloudia's services help us save up to half of our time. A secure and error-free procurement process is of key importance.

28 billion € The value of out network annually

+ 230 000 Users worldwide

+ 60 000 Purchase projects (tenderings)

+ 180 000 Visits in supplier portal/month

+ 80 000 Registered suppliers

+ 1 100 000 Customers’ contracts in the system

Our business was born to meet your needs. 

We help your company to reach the next level of digitalized procurement. And the results? Our clients have achieved millions of euros in savings, developed better businesses and strengthened their growth.

Our clients

Case Study: Smooth sailing in Finnish ports with digital procurement

Read the success stories of the ports of Helsinki, Pori, Rauma, Kokkola and Kalajoki.
Our clients

Case study: Digital procurement electrifies the energy sector

Caruna, Fingrid, Helen, Vantaa Energy, VENI Energy, and KSS Verkko successfully employ Cloudia’s solutions in their procurement processes.

Our clients

Tens of thousands of contracts managed with Cloudia Contract

With help from Cloudia, the City of Helsinki has simplified and harmonized its contract management.
Our clients

Collection of customer success stories

With the help of our solutions, our customers have made real savings in terms of costs, working hours and volumes.
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