Digitalise your Source-to-Contract process today

Procurement Planning

From reacting to buying to proactive planning

Do you know exactly when you will need the supplier’s services or products? Delays cost money. And could you perhaps join in on your colleague’s project – you definitely shouldn’t be competing for the same suppliers!


Deliver speed to revenue with effective e-Sourcing

Do you have firm control over your pre-award process? Is it difficult or easy to draw up a call for a tender?

Contract Management

Always be on top of your contracts

How well do you know your contracts? What are the risks involved in them? Are their terms met?

Supplier Management

Pro-active and hands-on supplier management lead to better business

How well do you know your suppliers? Are you positive you’re working with the one with the best skill sets?


Make knowledge management easier

Want to make the best use of your Cloudia data? Would you like to create visual reports easily?

Supplier Portal

The place for suppliers and buyers to trade and network

Would you like to expand your network of suppliers? Without risks? While saving time and money?