Contract Management

Make your contracts deliver on the promises made

Digital contract management service unifies, automates, and guides the drawing up and management of contracts so that the process from preparations to a signed contract becomes shorter and more simplified.

Contract Management

Cloudia’s contract management service is a contract lifecycle management solution that enhances the efficiency of the overall contract process by improving access to contract information and driving more effective and timely purchasing decisions. 

Our centralized and automated contract management service allows you to manage the whole contract lifecycle. You will always see the overall situation of your contracts, their number, value, and people responsible for them, as well as what stage of their lifespan they are. You can tell directly how much money you should have for them in next year’s budget. You will never again pay for contracts that have expired, nor will you leave a contract unrenewed or an option unused by mistake.

Templates guide the user in drawing up new contracts easily, and you can speed up the whole contracting process by using electronic signature.

Being a cloud service, our contract management software can be used anywhere and anytime. It is suitable for all types of contracts, for example, purchase and sales agreements, subcontracts, partnership and cooperation agreements, product development agreements, and marketing contracts.

You can easily create digital purchase orders based on the contract, manage the orders and track the information and status of the order.

It is easy and simple to take into use, and the service can be integrated with other processes, like financial monitoring, enterprise resource planning, archiving, or document management.

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Customer quote

“Thanks to Cloudia Contract, the systematic management of the contracts concluded by the City of Helsinki, the monitoring of the fulfilment of contractual obligations, and the utilization of framework agreements are harmonized, effective and simpler.”

Tytti Santala, Planning Officer, City of Helsinki

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