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Values, mission, vision

Imagine a place far away to the north. Imagine standing in the safest, happiest, freest and most stable place in the world. Imagine being surrounded by not only crystal clear lakes, breathtakingly beautiful forests and the midnight sun but also a genuine trust in your fellow man. This same place also has the highest level of digital knowledge, sustainable competitiveness, innovativeness and corporate ethics globally. This is where we come from. This is our story. This is Cloudia.

At Cloudia, we live and breathe Finland. We know that heart not size wins battles. It’s with that same strength we have fought and beaten giants. It’s rooted deep in our character. We call it Sisu – the Finnish guts. It’s in our roots. It’s our heritage. It’s a solid core.

Together for good

We don’t fall in love easily, but when we do, you’ll get a partner you can rely on in every case of need. We are committed to helping you prosper with the same care, trust and teamwork that the Finnish welfare society is built on. As the happiest country is the world, we are not satisfied until we’ve made you smile by exceeding your expectations. With Cloudia, you’ll experience the passion of working with the most innovative and quality driven people on this planet. When it comes to the customer-oriented approach, we believe that actions speak louder than words. Our services and solutions are genuinely designed in co-operation with our clients. We offer you nothing less than the safety, security, transparency and pioneering spirit that has made us the partner for one of the most respected, trusted, credible and honest governments in the world: The Government of Finland.

Rise above

At Cloudia, our mission is to help you achieve better results and enjoy life more by letting you focus on what you do best. What you get are innovative, timely and accurate digital solutions that create value and streamline your processes in support of procurement, contract management and supplier management initiatives. We are continuously growing the range of our services and developing existing services in such a way that they will be on the forefront of the latest trends, and what’s most important, they will meet your needs today and every day.

Two things that are common among our clients: they want to stand out and BE the change. Would you like to join them? If so, we welcome you to write the next chapter with us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create success in everything we do – success for our clients, partners, employees and operating environment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to implement process-based and competitive digital services that support open and intelligent cooperation – to become the most wanted name in our field.

Our Values


Our business was born to meet your needs. We help your company to reach the next level of digitalized procurement. And the results? Our clients have achieved significant savings, developed better businesses and strengthened their growth.


Tell us about your challenge and we’ll solve it. That’s what we call innovation. We are committed to delivering value and bright ideas that make your daily work more reasonable, comfortable and socially responsible. Your well-being is a part of our business.


Quality is a personal experience, not a process. To really experience it, you need to feel it. Our long customer relationships are based on high quality—some lasting over a decade, for as long as our company has existed.


Our business is all about trust. As our customer, you own your data and no one else has unauthorized access into it. Finns are known for their honesty and we are no exception—keeping our promises runs in our blood.


Our solutions are truly equal for everyone. We guarantee that the competitive tendering processes are open and equal. Every client is important to us, and we are committed to giving you the very best service possible.


We simplify complexity. Using our products requires no special training. We make sure everyone gets the latest software versions that are automatically updated from the cloud. The information needs to be provided into the system only once, and we constantly improve the usability of our products. Our technology has been applauded for its easy initialization.


At Cloudia, we leave no one behind. We take care of each other by being open and sharing our knowledge. Contrary to ICT businesses in general, our employment relationships are long and stable. We continuously improve our services by listening to our clients more closely and by paying attention to your needs and feedback. To guarantee the best possible results, we only select the most reliable partners to co-operate with.


Safety is our priority. This is proven by our corporate and government level clients with proven track record and standardized and constant auditing. The mission of Cloudia’s cyber security professionals is to ensure that data is coherent and stays untouchable.


For us, transparency means that our entire process can be audited at any time. There is no possibility of abuse without getting caught. Unclear situations can be solved simply by viewing data logs. An open working culture is also a part of our transparency—we are open about what we do, share our core values with each other and ensure that all discussions and opinions are welcome.

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