Buy Better. Save Time and Money.

Are you using a time-consuming paper-based procurement process? Would you like to tender more effectively and with minimal risks? Is your procurement team constantly under pressure to cut costs and extract value from every procurement process?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, we have a solution for you!

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Buy Better. Save Time and Money.

The two main concerns most of the procurement professionals face are:

Time and money.

How much time does it take to implement and learn the digital procurement system? How much does it cost?

We can assure you: it doesn’t take much time. And it doesn’t cost a fortune. Interested? Then read on.

Buy Better. Save Time and Money.

Our clients have achieved up to 50% savings in process costs.

Digitalizing procurement process provides many opportunities for cost savings and can make a great difference to a company’s bottom line.

The rule of thumb is that a 5% savings in purchasing costs can increase profit by 50%, and would equal an increase in revenue of 50%, or a reduction in overhead costs of about 20%.

Cloudia Sourcing is a cloud-based software, meaning that the delivery is:

Quick and easy.

In most cases, you can start using the system in the matter of days.

Buy Better. Save Time and Money.

What is Cloudia Sourcing?

Cloudia Sourcing is a cloud-based solution, which is easy take into use. It aids you in the planning, management, guidance and follow-up of tendering.

Easy to use. For all sourcing needs. Less mistakes.

The main drivers for starting digitalized procurement are reductions in both time and costs. Cloudia Sourcing frees up valuable time of a procurement team and provides advantages that are highly beneficial for your organization.

Buy Better. Save Time and Money.
Buy Better. Save Time and Money.

With Cloudia Sourcing you can:

  • Obtain bids from different suppliers via a single online portal
  • Have an access to a broader range of suppliers
  • Compare automatically all proposals in your tender
  • Have a visibility on what is been negotiated and discussed during tendering
  • Reduce manual work and administrative tasks through automation
  • Use several different bidding approaches that the service facilitates
  • Decrease the possibility of human error
  • Track the tendering lifespan in real-time
  • Get simplified governance and control over procurement process
Buy Better. Save Time and Money.

On top of that all the data generated from any given sourcing process is cleverly stored and accessible for analysis.

As our client, you are always offered:

  • proper training
  • professional customer support
  • competitive cost
  • automatic updates to our solutions, providing you always with the latest technology

If your organization is currently using a paper-based procurement process, there is a good chance you could benefit of digitalized procurement.

Contact us now and get your procurement digitalized and automate your procurement with a price starting from just

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About Cloudia

Cloudia is a global provider of digital procurement solutions, which have been fully certified for quality and security. Our solutions are easy-to-use for both the strategic and operational aspects of procurement – eSourcing, Contract Management and Supplier Management. We also provide a digital marketplace intended for suppliers and buyers to network, where the annual procurement volume exceeds USD20billion.

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