Get the contract information you need, quickly and with minimal effort

Get the contract information you need, quickly and with minimal effort

A signed contract that cannot be found when needed is not very useful. Being able to locate relevant information about contracts and other critical data in a fast and easy way is key to the success of your contract management processes.

Common pain points in finding contract data

Do you find this familiar?

  • Important information about or within contracts cannot be found when needed
  • Contract data is scattered across systems, leading to potential issues as well as violations
  • Searching through documents manually to find keywords takes time and resources

Searching for needed contract information across the breadth of an organisation’s contracts, and associated meta information, becomes near impossible when data is spread across disparate locations or file formats. Contract data that is kept in systems not dedicated to managing this type of information, such as spreadsheets or folders of documents, cannot be exploited to the benefit of those who need it most.

And how to solve them

Having all contracts and associated attachments and data stored in a single repository means that entire portfolios can be searched easily. Advanced searching methods and algorithms provide accurate and fast results to locate needed information. Additionally, the content of contract documents and attachments can be extracted so full text searches can be performed.

Cloudia’s contract management solution has a global search feature that allows users to search for content across the breadth of their contract portfolio, as well as from clause libraries, templates, metadata and more, all from a single location. Results are contextualised and can be accessed directly from the results.

Get the contract information you need, quickly and with minimal effort

Benefits of Cloudia Contract:

  • Search your entire contract system from a single view
  • Filter and refine results as needed
  • Use wild cards and other advanced methods to improve result accuracy
  • View results in their context such as library items, contract clause, template attachment
  • Search also uploaded documents and attachments
  • View short extracts from inside to see from where a particular search term was found


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