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The challenges faced by procurement have multiplied over the past few years. The increased outsourcing of operations, the global market, the explosive growth of data, the expanding of the supplier field and intensified competition have created a need for the digitalisation of operations.

It is obvious that a competitive company can no longer address the growing challenges by means of Excel, e-mails and ERP systems.

Cloudia provides easy-to-use digital services for planning procurement operations and for putting them out to tender, supported by tools for supplier and contract management. The services streamline your entire procurement process!

Why choose Cloudia?

  • We have more than 10 years of experience from system development, customer training and system deployment projects.
  • We have implemented hundreds of system deployments in various companies from a number of different industry sectors – read about our customers’ experiences here!
  • Our customers have attained concrete and measurable savings with the help of our services, click here for examples!
  • Our services can be easily integrated with your company’s other information systems or Cloudia’s other services via their open and flexible interface architecture. We have implemented a number of integrations with case management and ERP systems, among others.
  • The digitalisation of procurement operations can be carried out one step at a time.
  • The systems we use are completely reliable, and we also comply with the applicable laws, standards and regulations of all our market areas in all of our operations. Our services also have the information security certificate and VAHTI2-level data security as defined by the Government Information Security Management Board.
  • If you have concerns about starting the digitalisation of procurement, we offer you free-of-charge process evaluation to clarify, in a simple step-by-step form, the deployment of our solutions in your organisation! Book an appointment with our expert here!
  • Our customer support centre is based in Finland and has received exceptionally positive feedback in our customer satisfaction surveys year after year. So rest assured that you will be in good hands even after the deployment of the service!

Contact us now to start a journey towards easier and more effective procurement operations. Our services are well-suited for companies of all sizes and types and cater for the needs of both the private and the public sector.

Contact our highly competent sales team or order a process evaluation here!

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