Digital procurement electrifies the energy sector

Caruna, Fingrid, Helen, Vantaa Energy, VENI Energy, and KSS Verkko successfully employ Cloudia’s solutions in their procurement processes. With the companies’ procurement processes in order, those responsible for procurement can focus on their core competence and contribute to the cost-effectiveness and predictability of the organization’s overall operations.

The energy sector is seeing rapid development: what used to be predictable and permanent is now in a state of flux. Change is driven by climate issues, energy efficiency, sustainability, digitalization, and striving to improve the security of the supply. In addition, an increasing number of functions are being acquired as services. As investments increases, a key success factor is the efficiency of procurement processes. In this article, Finland’s largest energy sector operators explain why they turned to Cloudia when adopting electronic procurement.

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Case study: Digital procurement electrifies the energy sector


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