eProcurement in ports

Internationally compared, Finland has plenty of ports because of the exceptionally long coastline. Five Finnish ports use Cloudia Sourcing for procurement projects worth millions of euros.

Read the case study and learn how Cloudia’s digital procurement solutions aid in improving ports’ operations!

“We were convinced by Cloudia’s active attitude and expertise. We were proved right because we got a functional solution for all procurement needs.”
Timo Metsäkallas, Port Engineer, Port of Rauma

eProcurement in ports

Digital sourcing is the key
– Cloudia Sourcing makes it easy

“The system guides you to complete even the most complex calls for tenders correctly, and the system advances logically”
Kai Heinonen, Development Manager, Port of Pori

You can find the best suppliers online

When you trade with the best suppliers suitable for your company’s needs, you can improve your business quality, reduce risks and develop your brand. The best suppliers are already online. Cloudia Sourcing makes it easy to choose the best of breed suppliers and control their quality.

Digital bidding brings the best prices and terms

You must make sure that suppliers are able to send you bids that fulfil your exact needs and they give you the best possible prices and clear terms. Cloudia Sourcing makes it easy for suppliers to give good bids and you can easily increase the competition too.

Digital sourcing makes it easy and automated

Don’t waste any more of your time and money on paper-based sourcing. When you create RFXs and evaluate the bids, Cloudia Sourcing decreases time needed from days to minutes.

eProcurement in ports

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With Cloudia Sourcing everything is simple – and effective

eProcurement in ports

Manage all your sourcing activities digitally in Cloudia Sourcing

  • Obtain bids from different suppliers in a single online portal
  • Have an access to a broader range of suppliers
  • Compare automatically all proposals in your tender
  • Have a visibility on what is being negotiated and discussed during tendering
  • Reduce manual work and administrative tasks through automation
  • Use several different bidding approaches that the service facilitates
  • Decrease the possibility of human error
  • Track the tendering lifespan in real-time
  • Get simplified governance and control over procurement process

Our clients have achieved up to 50% savings in process costs!

eProcurement in ports

Cloudia Sourcing is quick to implement and easy to learn

  • Cloud solution – you need only a browser and an Internet connection
  • You can start using the system in a matter of days
  • Interactive tutorial flows guide you to use the service
  • Comprehensive training available
  • Professional customer support
  • Competitive cost
  • Automatic updates to the service
  • Always the latest technology in use
eProcurement in ports

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