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  • What is eSourcing?
  • Why eSourcing?
  • Business benefits in brief.
  • What are cloud services and what are the benefits?
  • How easy is eSourcing to take into use?
  • Which eSourcing service provider is right for me?
  • And if I don’t go digital …what then?
Take the leap into digital sourcing

Procurement is an equipment sport

If you want to do mind-blowing skateboard tricks, you should choose your skateboard very carefully. The best equipment allows you to focus on your own performance with no distractions.

Procurement can be called an equipment sport – and with good reason. Not even the best strategy and expertise can bring you the desired results if your processes are outdated, time-consuming, and stiff.

Our job is to provide you with modern tools of the digital age for your sourcing planning and execution. With our help, you can focus on productivity and risk management as well as find the most competitive suppliers that meet your needs the best.

Take the leap into digital sourcing

Who are we?

Cloudia is a company of the digital age that believes in the importance of core competence. Having focused on digital sourcing systems for over 10 years, we offer you the very best. Thousands of organizations across industries trust our extensive expertise in Finland and abroad. Would you like to be one of them?

We view technology as an enabler above all else. For our clients, this means an opportunity to make better procurements – in an agile, secure, and effective way. We make your life easier by providing top quality tools that free your time up so you can focus on the essentials. We only partner with the best. We believe you do the same.

“Skateboarding and business have different risks, but there’s a desire to get better at what you do in both of them.”
– Tony Hawk, skateboarder

Why choose Cloudia?

  • We have more than 10 years of experience from system development, customer training and system deployment projects.
  • We have implemented hundreds of system deployments in various companies from a number of different industry sectors.
  • Our customers have attained concrete and measurable savings with the help of our services – read about our customers’ experiences here!
  • Our services can be easily integrated with your company’s other information systems or Cloudia’s other services via their open and flexible interface architecture. We have implemented a number of integrations with case management and ERP systems, among others.
  • The digitalisation of procurement operations can be carried out one step at a time.
  • The systems we use are completely reliable, and we also comply with the applicable laws, standards and regulations of all our market areas in all of our operations.
  • Our customer support centre is based in Finland and has received exceptionally positive feedback in our customer satisfaction surveys year after year. So rest assured that you will be in good hands even after the deployment of the service!

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