“Amazing expertise, friendliness and response time”

According to research, Cloudia’s clients are satisfied! The results of our 2019 customer satisfaction survey are a pleasure to read.

Customer satisfaction is one of our main goals, so customer feedback is essential for our service and operations development. Based on earlier feedback, we have identified the need to invest especially in the user experience and the user-friendliness of our services. We put a lot of work into this last year, so it is great to see that our effort has paid off! The accessibility of our services is something we will continue to focus on.

“Cloudia Contract significantly reduces administrative work and speeds up the contract process.”

Our customer support receives excellent feedback year after year. Here are a few direct quotes from the open responses: “The best customer support I have experienced”; “The best customer support we have had anywhere”; and “Amazing expertise, friendliness and response time. Every time I have called, I have received help and solutions to my problems.” We have received lots of similar, positive feedback, and it has been a joy to go through them! We have developed our customer support with determination and the results can be seen in these responses. We are proud of our customer service and promise to keep up the good work!

“Customer service is great and professional. Responses are quick and the company takes the client’s needs well into account. All in all, everything has been easy.”

One of the key benefits of our services is the possibility to quickly start using them with the help of our experts. The feedback shows that we have been very successful in this respect. Our clients have been satisfied with how we implement the services in a customer-oriented manner, taking each client’s individual needs into consideration. The implementation of our services and the training required are provided by the field’s top experts who have years of experience with our digital procurement services.

“Very customer-oriented service, and training is organized according to the client’s needs.”

Some clients would like our experts to have more substance knowledge about the client’s industry or a particular procurement segment. We aim to fulfil these wishes by collaborating with procurement experts who have such up-to-date knowledge. When provided with information on these needs in advance, we are certainly able to provide appropriate competencies for these situations as well.

“The support portal is clear, versatile and very useful.”

In addition to the many positive comments, some improvements were requested. This feedback is also essential for us and we strive to develop our operations based on it. There were problems with customer communications, for instance: respondents wanted better information about changes and development-related matters. We have consciously tried to reduce the amount of e-mails by moving version notifications, the training calendar as well as instructions to our support portal, for example. The portal itself is considered clear and useful, but the responses show that up-to-date information does not reach all who require it. We promise to improve on this in the future.

We are very pleased to have been able to keep our clients satisfied as well as develop and improve our operations in various areas. We thank everyone who has taken the time to answer our survey! We promise to improve our services based on your feedback, making them more customer-oriented!

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