Smarter Procurement Planning

Any procurement software worth its name is so much more than an archive for your procurement documents. From the point of view of strategic sourcing, procurement software should show the big picture of all procurement projects; the planning, control and follow-through of all projects regardless of their size.

A one-stop shop procurement software is a place to gather, clarify, handle and approve all procurement needs. Also, it offers the possibility to plan, schedule and follow-up procurement entities. Tendering documents and all pertinent information and possible amendments are available to all interested parties. This leads to increased transparency, significant time savings and reduced risks due to disruption in the information flow. You gain tighter control over your procurement process with a centralized procurement planning software.

Procurement Software Reduces Risks

Gaining an easy overview of a company´s all procurement projects is a way of minimizing risks. You know what you are buying and from whom and when and at what price. There´s less chance for costly errors when the procurement process is governed from a single contact point.

Focusing all procurement activities makes it easier to make sure internal guidelines and buying protocols are being followed.

Increased transparency is also a big by-product of creating an easily accessible, on-line based project home base for you procurement activities. The information related to your procurements can be kept up to date always and made available to the right people. Contract partners are always literally on the same page as to what has been agreed.

Procurement software will also help you identify and solve problems before they´ve even actualized, as it helps you forecast procurement needs well beforehand.Smarter Procurement Planning


Resource Optimization Saves Costs

Resource optimization is attained by first gaining an overview of all procurement projects – easiest done with clever procurement software. Identifying possible overlapping projects and opportunities to open joint procurement processes will pave the way to efficient processes and help identify bottle necks and other critical milestones. Allocating resources is much easier when all resource needs are handily available in one place.

Your overall buying process will become smarter and cheaper. Automatization of certain steps will also save you money and time from routine paper work to more complex contract management.

Cost savings on their own are not the only perks from successful procurement work: Money saved is money available for investment – in new recruits and new business. Let us help you grow your business!

The Cloudia Solution

Cloudia Planning makes it easy to start scheduling any procurement process be it a product or a service. Responsible tasks, responsible people, costs and schedules are all in control. Cloudia Planning is a centralized tool for planning and managing your organization’s all procurements – it eases procurement risk management and offers more transparency for collaboration and predictability of procurement process.

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