"The use of Cloudia's services in procurement and contracting is clear and streamlined."

Digitalise your Source-to-Contract process today!

Do you want to streamline your organisation's procurement process and achieve desired results while saving costs and reducing time? Do you want to actively manage contracts throughout their lifecycle to ensure compliance, reduce risk and enhance efficiency? Do you want to find the best suppliers and collect all information on a single platform?

Our solutions are designed to enable procurement and contracting teams to fundamentally transform their processes and prepare them for the next level of success.

Cloudia in brief

+28 billion €
annually commerce value in our network
+230 000
+80 000
contracting suppliers in register

Procurement Planning

From reacting to buying to proactive planning

Do you know exactly when you will need the supplier’s services or products? Delays cost money. And could you perhaps join in on your colleague’s project – you definitely shouldn’t be competing for the same suppliers!


Deliver speed to revenue with effective e-Sourcing

Do you have firm control over your pre-award process? Is it difficult or easy to draw up a call for a tender?

Contract Management

Always be on top of your contracts

How well do you know your contracts? What are the risks involved in them? Are their terms met?

Supplier Management

Pro-active and hands-on supplier management lead to better business

How well do you know your suppliers? Are you positive you’re working with the one with the best skill sets?


Make knowledge management easier

Want to make the best use of your Cloudia data? Would you like to create visual reports easily?

Supplier Portal

The place for suppliers and buyers to trade and network

Would you like to expand your network of suppliers? Without risks? While saving time and money?

Customer quote

“Cloudia’s solutions helped us automate our procurement routines, freeing up the valuable time of our project managers in terms of reminders, inquiries, and email correspondence. We now have clearly fewer routines that make us feel rushed. This affects both efficiency and well-being at work.

Thanks to easy deployment and efficient training, we were able to carry on with our competitive tendering uninterrupted. We also have excellent experiences of the support services.”

Matti Tähtinen, Business Development Manager, Fingrid