“Cloudia is a real partner for us”

To find out what our clients really think of us, we measure our customer satisfaction every year. Based on the results of a survey conducted in December 2020, our clients are particularly satisfied with the speed of service implementation and the quality of our client support.

The development of Cloudia’s services has been client-driven from the start and a good user experience is paramount to us. As part of our renewed development process, we conducted our annual customer satisfaction survey to determine if we have made progress in the right direction. The results of the latest survey provide confirmation of our development path and help us allocate resources for the future.

"Cloudia is a real partner for us"

In many ways, we have moved forward in the eyes of our clients. In the light of the feedback received, the user interface reform of Cloudia’s services during 2020 has streamlined and simplified our client’s work. In terms of visual appearance, the services better meet expectations, unify the user experience and, above all, enhance the daily work of our clients with advanced functions. This is what we want to provide with our services now and in the future.

“The layout is streamlined and simple.”

“Last year’s reforms were good, and the preparation of invitations in procurement is more streamlined today.”

“A clear and good system, also the service providers consider it clear and that it facilitates bidding.”

“Nice layout, easy to use, easy to search for contracts in the contract module.”

Our clients still strongly appreciate our experts and their expertise. For example, deployment and training are efficient and professional despite the move to remote meetings over the past year. Once again, our customer service is highly valued. Respondents are happy to contact our customer support and a prompt response is appreciated.

“The best customer service in the country”

“Add-on implementation and training went smoothly and quickly”

“Five star system and staff!”

There is always room for improvement, which is vital for a culture of continuous development. In particular, some respondents felt that the upcoming changes and updates were not actively communicated, although some responses showed improvement. We strive to develop our communications further so that information reaches the right people at the right time and through multiple channels.

Thanks again to all the customers for their feedback, an open discussion is a vital part of our development path.


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