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Cloudia Sourcing aids you in the planning, management, guidance and follow-up of tendering. It simplifies and speeds up your process, decreasing the possibility of human error, making things fast and smooth. At Cloudia Marketplace you can connect with thousands of suppliers creating efficiency to your tendering processes.

Why digitalizing your sourcing means everything to your business

  • Would you like to tender more effectively and with minimal risks?
  • Are you tired of signing papers and waiting for delayed signatures?
  • Do you want to find the best suppliers – right when you need them?
  • Do you want to have an access to an enormous amount of suppliers, whenever you need them?

Download our brochure of Cloudia Sourcing & Marketplace and switch from passive, reactive problem solving to strategic sourcing.

Cloudia Sourcing & Marketplace

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Top 5 Barriers to eProcurement Digitalization and How to Overcome Them

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Why Cloudia

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Exceptional situation providing the opportunity for developing procurement operations

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Digital procurement electrifies the energy sector

Caruna, Fingrid, Helen, Vantaa Energy, VENI Energy, and KSS Verkko successfully employ Cloudia’s solutions in their procurement processes. With...

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