Digital procurement brings transparency to procurement processes in Lohja

The city of Lohja does procurement to save money. Their goal is to have a more effective organization and to be able to share information between each other. Cloudia digital procurement solutions save their time and money while making the workdays better for everyone.

Cloudia digital procurement solutions save time and money for the city of Lohja.

Lohja is a city and a municipality of around 46 000 inhabitants and it’s located in the Uusimaa region of Finland. The city of Lohja started its partnership with Cloudia back in 2015. After five years, they now use a total of five different Cloudia software from planning upcoming tendering to sourcing and from contract management to supplier management and for analyzing procurement performance.

Cloudia Analytics is the latest, which we started using last year. It binds all the information together from the other solutions. It’s also a very visual tool and the information is presented better than with, for example, Excel sheets,” says Kim Nordling, who works as a Procurement Specialist for the city of Lohja.

Digital procurement makes work easier

As for why the city of Lohja has wanted to invest in these kinds of procurement solutions, the answer is very simple.

“We have done this to save money. It makes our organization more effective and we’re able to share information with each other better than before,” Nordling says.

“It’s easier to handle procurement with the right tools. Time is money, and we have an organization of about 3 200 people. That means a lot of contracts and a lot of information to be handled,” he continues.

Transparency has been taken to a whole new level

In addition to the time and monetary savings, there is another very important incentive to start using digital procurement tools.

“I think the most important benefit of digital procurement solutions is the fact that everything is more transparent. Our citizens know how their money is used as all the necessary information is available from the beginning to the end,” Nordling concludes.

Digital procurement brings transparency to procurement processes in Lohja

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