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Cloudia is a leading global provider of digital procurement performance solutions. Our comprehensive product portfolio includes solutions for both the strategic and the operational aspects of procurement – eSourcing, Contract Management, Supplier Management and networking with suppliers at Marketplace. Our passion to help procurement create greater business impact is reflected among the hundreds of procurement solution deployments that we have undertaken over the last ten years.

Founded in 2008, Cloudia enjoys the unique business ecosystem of Finland. We have the strongest digital knowledge capital in Europe and the workforce that has the highest proportion of ICT specialists in the world. On top of that, Finnish companies are number one in the use of cloud services*.


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Cloudia is a privately held Finnish company. Our extensive and long-term customer base in Finland provides a strong foundation for international expansion and we are actively pursuing growth in other Nordic countries and Central Europe as well.

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Are Saarinen, CEO,, +358 50 042 4268

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Joonas Jantunen, CEO, Cloudia Middle East,, +971 56 7450725

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Cloudia Key figures 1.5.2019

The value of our network annually                28 billion €

Purchase projects (tenderings)                      + 60 000

Visits in Cloudia Supplier portal/month       + 180 000

Registered suppliers                                         + 80 000

Customers’ contracts in the system              + 1 100 000

Amount of data centers globally                    + 200

Users worldwide                                                + 230 000

Certified quality and security

Cloudia operates to some of the highest information security and data protection standards there are​. We know our clients’ quality requirements in and out, and we take quality assurance seriously also in our own operations and services. We have certified our information security management (ISO 27001), quality management (ISO 9001), and environmental management systems (ISO 14001)​. Learn more

Press releases

15th September 2020: Cloudia and Hansel announced collaboration – applies to hundreds of public administration organizations and billions in procurement 

14th February 2020: Cloudia wins deal with Radius to drive digital procurement transformation in Danish energy market 

3rd February 2020: Cloudia brings next-generation procure-to-pay solution to Middle East and Africa 

15th September 2019: Procurement expert Cloudia named National Winner for Finland at European Business Awards

13th June 2019: Cloudia announces long-term partnership with Al  Bayader International

16th April 2019: Cloudia nominated in World Procurement Awards

27th August 2018: Cooperation with Sievo Oy

16th May 2018: Cloudia and Basware enter into EMEA-wide cooperation

14th March 2018: Cloudia services are available globally through Equinix data centers

Recent mentions in media

Tivi, 16th of September 2020:  Cloudia sai Hanselin yli 10 miljoonan diilin-miljardien hankintoja

Future of Sourcing 20th April 2020: 7 steps to build and execute your sustainable procurement initiative

Osto&Logistiikka 24th March 2020: Jaana Niukkala Cloudian Euroopan markkinoiden myyntijohtajaksi

Future of Sourcing 16th March 2020: Sustainable procurement: What you need to know in 2020

Teqnya today 20th February 2020: Cloudia winning the deal with Radius to drive digital procurement transformation in Danish energy market

Osto&Logistiikka 19th February 2020: Cloudian hankintaratkaisu Tanskan Radiukselle

Ingeniøren, 18th February 2020: Finske Cloudia vinder aftale med Radius

Energi Nyheter, 14th February 2020: Cloudia har tecknat ett nytt kundavtal med Radius

Energy Northern, 14th February 2020: Cloudia wins deal with Radius to drive digital procurement transformation

Espace Manager, 7th February 2020: Cloudia lance la dernière génération de solution Procure-to-Pay au Moyen-Orient et en Afrique

The Day of Dubai, 4th February 2020: Cloudia Brings Next-Generation Procure-To-Pay Solution To Middle East And Africa

The Paypers, 4th February 2020: Cloudia expands procure-to-pay solution to Middle East and Africa

Digital journal, 3rd February 2020: Cloudia Brings Next-generation Procure-to-Pay Solution to Middle East and Africa

LogisticsGulf, 31st October 2019: Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies: What you should know before you invest in new technologies

CPOstrategy, 29th October 2019: New technologies to take knowledge management in procurement to the next level

The Paypers, 9th of October 2019: E-procurement provider Cloudia to supply Finnish government

SourceToday, 27th of September 2019: Build better relationships and develop your organization’s strategic procurement capabilities with digital Contract Lifecycle Management

SourceToday, 26th of September 2019: 3 reasons why your organization should start using E-Sourcing

SourceToday, 26th of September 2019: What’s the difference between best-in-breed vs all-in-one: which source-to-contract solution should you choose?

Itewiki, 24th of September 2019: The work culture, customer orientation and growth of Finnish companies were rewarded

Karjalainen, 18th of September 2019: Cloudia is the best Finnish company in its category at the European Business Awards

Good News from Finland, 16th of September 2019: Finnish winners were chosen at European Business Awards

Tivi, 13th of September 2019: Well known IT companies winning  in European business competition

Spend Matters, 11th September 2019: From tactical to strategic sourcing: Going beyond daily battles to long-term victory

LogisticsGulf , 15th of June 2019: Cloudia announces long-term partnership with UAE’s Al Bayader

Network Middle East, 14th June 2019: Al Bayader International taps Cloudia to digitise procurement

Spend Matters, 24th April 2019: 3 Reasons Why Public Sector Tenders Should Use Dynamic Purchasing Systems

AiThority, 17th April 2019: Procurement Technology Innovator Cloudia Nominated in World Procurement Awards

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Cloudia and Hansel announced collaboration – applies to hundreds of public administration organizations and billions in procurement

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