Cloudia Contract includes milestones and Microsoft Word support

At Cloudia, customer satisfaction is one of our main goals, and customer feedback is essential to improve our services and operations. As a result of listening to the wishes of our customers, we constantly develop new features to our solutions. Cloudia Contract has two new interesting features available from April 25th: milestones and Microsoft Word support.

Cloudia Contract includes milestones and Microsoft Word supportManage the contract lifecycle with milestones

Typically, contracts define the transfer of goods or services over a period of time and include dates and schedules. The milestones feature is designed to help monitor the progress of contracts by keeping track of the key events that occur in a contract’s lifetime. A milestone can simply be a reminder about a specific event or comprise a series of tasks that need to be completed by a certain date.

Create contracts using Microsoft Word

Many contracts are authored using Microsoft Word, which is the most popular word processing application in the world. Users can work seamlessly with Cloudia Contract and Microsoft Word through the import and exports of documents in the system. Clauses are automatically recognised and assigned to a contract. Images and tables are also recognised and added as contract clauses.

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