eContracting Guide

eContracting, short for electronic contracts, means more or less what it says: performing the whole process of drafting, negotiating, and signing contract documents electronically.

Taking control of your contract data in one single repository, means reducing risk and inefficiencies, while creating new value for your organization. However, switching to eContracting doesn’t only make good business sense operationally, there are also huge gains to be made on a strategic level.

The following guide has been designed to walk you through the What? Why? and How? of eContracting, as you prepare to transform your business.


  • What is eContracting?
  • What is Contract lifecycle management?
  • Why do I need eContracting?
  • What are the business benefits?
  • What are cloud services and what are the benefits?
  • How easy is eContracting to take into use?
  • How do I integrate eContracting into other company systems?
  • How will emerging technologies impact eContracting?
  • Which eContracting service provider is right for me?
  • If I don’t take digital control of my contracts… what then?

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eContracting guide


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