Transmit and manage purchase orders digitally

Are you still running on paper-based records? Don’t you also think you lose a lot of time with it?

Many organizations lose a lot of time by taking manually care of their paper-based records. Paper can easily be lost, damaged, or accidentally destroyed. With paper, it’s often hard to spot duplicate requests, purchases or invoices or missed transactions – all of which can cost your company time and money.

Using paper requires an efficient and regularly updated filing system which consumes space and man hours in order to work effectively. We have a solution for this problem.

Cloudia Contract elevates your purchase order management to a whole new level:

  • Create purchase orders more easily and faster than ever
  • Place additional information with your orders
  • Take care of the approval process before sending
  • Accept or reject deliveries and their line items
  • Handle partial deliveries efficiently
  • Set alerts and notifications for delayed lines
  • Browse purchase orders and track their information and status
  • Keep your personnel accountable and spending within budget
  • Monitor your spending better and budget more efficiently

A digitalized order process drives consistency by linking inventory, order, fulfilment, and billing. That means shorter delivery times, less errors and more returning customers for sure! No more foregoing purchase orders because your buyers think paperwork is a timewasting hassle or because they already know the vendors.

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Transmit and manage purchase orders digitally

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