Keeping up to date with customer needs is essential for creating a good user experience

Keeping up to date with customer needs is essential for creating a good user experience
Today, more than ever, success is based on genuine caring and problem solving. Markets, customer needs, and competitive situations are changing rapidly, so service providers must be able to continuously develop their own offering. Today’s innovation is tomorrow’s standard, and next week it will no longer serve its purpose as such. Indeed, user experience plays an important role in the development of Cloudia’s services.

User Experience is Crucial

The ultimate purpose of digital services is to create added value for both users and organizations. They strive to accomplish this mission, for example, by enabling them to complete tasks faster, by simplifying routines, by reducing errors, and by helping them save time and money.

All of this is due to the unique features of the services, which, in turn, are based on the ever-increasing potential of emerging technologies. However, technology must not be an end in itself, even in the future. The most significant added value is created by the user experience.

Good Service is Easily Adopted

To get the best results, you must make using the service as easy, efficient, error-free, and comfortable as possible. From a solution development point of view, this added value can only be achieved by building a clear, understandable, and user-friendly environment on top of a technically advanced hard core. This ensures that the service functions reliably and that it is easy to use. A good service is easily adopted and its features can be utilized quickly, even when expanding the service with new modules. Errors are few and far between, without much loss of the actual user experience.

From the user’s perspective, the way the service works is as important as what the service can do. If the features are hard to find, the appearance of the user interface is unclear, the various functions are hidden, and even the logic of the search functions is difficult to understand, the user experience is very bad, no matter how revolutionary the implemented technology might be.

Importance of User Experience in Developing Cloudia’s Services

“Customer well-being is one of Cloudia’s core business ideas. Continuous service development has always been the starting point of our operations; it is the best way to keep our customers satisfied and our company competitive,” says Petri Martikainen, Cloudia’s Senior Specialist.

The user experience is crucial. We implement approaches which suit the user, which make it easy to use the service, and which make the service better as a whole. The role of the service provider is to collect and analyze information about customer needs and, on that basis, develop solutions that can deliver even more added value.

“In addition to technical know-how, success requires both experience in the industry and expertise, as well as the ability and willingness to truly understand the customer’s day-to-day business, with all the problems they encounter,” Martikainen says. “Only then can we truly recognize the current problems and show how they can be best addressed.”


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