New interface provides a consistent view across all Cloudia services

The interface for all Cloudia solutions now have a new look. Among other things, the new interface provides a consistent view across all Cloudia services and simplifies navigation and information retrieval. A smoother user experience is the basic idea behind the development work.

Customer-driven development is one of the supporting pillars in Cloudia’s operations. We are constantly striving to improve the functionality and flexibility of our services to better meet today’s business requirements.

Streamlining the user experience has also been the basic idea in our latest and recently completed development project. This has resulted in a new user interface that brings together all of Cloudia’s services. From now on, our services will use the same logic and have a consistent visual look.

New interface provides a consistent view across all Cloudia services

“In our industry, user experience is one of the most significant sources of added value, and we have invested heavily in it,” explains Petri Martikainen, Cloudia’s Senior Specialist. “The services in our product range, developed one by one, are now visually and logically part of the same family.”

Cloudia’s new interface harmonizes the visuals, typography, color scheme, search logic, navigation, and other functionality of all the service products. The appearance has been made as easy to use as possible: important information and processes are visually highlighted, the layout has been improved, and data retrieval is now easier to use.

Cloudia’s customers have always had access to the most up-to-date versions of the services available to them. Thanks to the cloud-based SaaS solution, services are automatically updated for everyone at the same time as new features are released.


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