We have signed a cooperation agreement with Sievo Oy

We have made a cooperation agreement with Sievo Oy. Thanks to the agreement, we will be able to sell and add to our product selection Sievo’s procurement analytics and reporting solutions. Sievo’s services aim to optimize procurement and make it more efficient by surveying the company’s procurement and looking for opportunities for savings as well as by supporting the management of savings projects and the budgeting of purchases.

With this cooperation, both parties aim to provide as comprehensive a service as possible to support companies’ procurement processes to serve our clients even better.

“We believe that with a partner like Sievo, we will be able to respond to our clients’ analysis and reporting needs even better. Partnerships with industry leaders are very important for us, and our cooperation with Sievo also supports this aspect of our strategy,” says Outi Tuohimetsä, Director, Services at Cloudia Ltd.

“Cloudia’s strong presence in Finland and its aggressive, growth-oriented approach abroad are an excellent fit for Sievo’s strategy when selecting potential partners. In my opinion, growing companies that are innovative and agile like we are should be building a network of partners that will help them serve clients more comprehensively and be even better able to challenge massive, global, and maybe even slightly stiff, industry leaders,” says Jani Heino, Vice President, Sales at Sievo.


Cloudia Ltd

Cloudia Ltd is a pioneer of developing modern and intelligent procurement solutions and the digitalization of contract management. The company offers solutions that are data security-certified and easy to use for managing suppliers, contracts and procurement processes, and we also offer a digital marketplace for the networking of buyers and sellers, with a monthly procurement volume exceeding EUR 1 billion. Cloudia’s dynamic, cloud-based services help companies respond to the challenges of the information age and to make use of the growing amount of data simply and effectively. Cloudia’s services can be produced using Equinix data centers, on five continents and using over 180 nodes.

Follow Cloudia on Twitter: @CloudiaOy and @CloudiaLtd and on LinkedIn.

Sievo Oy

Sievo is a global market leader (with Finnish roots) in the procurement analytics industry. Sievo offers a system solution for matters such as creating transparency in procurement, measuring savings and procurement forecasting. The possibility of comparing the performance of one’s own procurement organization to that of other organizations based on data is the most recent breakthrough in the field of procurement management, and in this sense Sievo’s solution is groundbreaking. By combining our extensive knowledge of procurement and analytics with the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence, Sievo has been able to develop a well-known solutions package that has helped many global organizations—such as Deutsche Telekom, Kellogg’s and Carlsberg—to take their procurement management to the next level.

You can find out more at www.sievo.com or on social media on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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We have signed a cooperation agreement with Sievo Oy

We have made a cooperation agreement with Sievo Oy. Thanks to the agreement, we will be able to sell...

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